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European Online Sports Betting Market Analytics
Consistent with the research, the international online staking market in 2019 was estimated at $50 billion and is anticipated to approach the $100 Bn. indicators by 2026. It is predicted to advance at an average rate of 10% per year.

Sports staking is a universal hobby of gamblers, but bookmaking has its roots in Europe. England the trendsetter in this area, and British bookmakers occupy leading positions in the unofficial rating of gambling companies. In our review, the top British and European offices will be considered, namely, their key advantages, coefficients in different e-sports, the quality of the line of sports events.

The evolution of the worldwide gambling marketplace is currently related mainly to North America and Europe. This is facilitated by an upsurge in average income, a high acceptance level, and rising concern of the young population, as well as the emergent gambling activity legalization.

The generosity of online casinos is also growing, which are ready to give new players more and more generous bonuses. Vavada casino promo code gives players 100 free spins and simple wagering requirements. Also, online casinos are increasingly offering no deposit bonuses.

After the period of the worldwide pandemic in 2020, when the sports staking industry suffered tangibly, now it is possible to conclude the real consequences along with trends for the impending years. Incredible events have happened in the sphere of online betting. Global gambling revenues have sharply declined in recent years and will possibly continue to be influenced by the impact of the worldwide pandemic.

According to statistics from EGBA in collaboration with HGC, in the UK and EU-27 marketplaces total returns from gambling decreased by 23% in 2019 — from6 Bn euros in GGR to75.9 billion in 2020. The existing data from GC confirms this – the universal drop in gaming revenue may reach 26%.

The European market is the world leader

Market size 16.5 billion euros and continues to grow

Why do players choose European bookmakers?

Many European bookmakers offer attractive conditions for their clients. In some bookmaking sites, welcome bonuses are awarded to beginners, while others give high bet maximums, which may interest experienced betters.

Also attracted by the value of minimum deposits. Usually the minimum deposit starts from $ 5-10. Parimatch minimum deposit is less than just $1. This means that a player with any income can start betting.

According to the level of the offered coefficients, many European offices are among the leaders. On the betting exchanges like Betfair, bets are made between users, so there is no betting margin there at all.

From the point of view of international players, betting in European offices can be related to a certain financial risk. International betters cannot receive any guarantees from these offices – on the timeliness of payments, the preservation of maximum limits, and other key points. It is possible to place a bet only through the updated mirror sites.

How much, on average, do you deposit on sports bets per month?

Advantages of playing in European casinos

Sports selection A huge audience of active users is a clear confirmation of the high quality of the betting services provided. European BCS for the most part has a rich pre-match line, containing several dozen sports. The content of the pre-match and the development of individual disciplines for tournaments and leagues often depend on the geography of the target audience.

For example, English offices pay special attention to sports that are very popular with betters from the countries of the United Kingdom. We are talking about cricket, horseracing, dog racing.

Some bookmakers cover typical American games-baseball and American football very well. The study of European football, tennis, and basketball is good in all serious BC. As for eSports games, they are not as popular among the clients of well-deserved English bookmakers as among users of relatively young offices seeking to gain popularity in a new segment of the audience.

Betting is currently related to all sports, as well as new niches, such as eSports, are the fastest developing in terms of both player participation, the number of views, and stakes in Europe.

And of course, best online casinos for real money are still popular with their online slots and games with a live dealer.

Although the numbers may vary from country to country, largely the most popular sports that you can wager on are listed below


Horse racing


Lawn tennis



Betting Odds Coefficients

Betting Odds Coefficients are another important aspect of evaluating a bookmaker. The more attractive the quotes, the more profitable it is to play in a particular BC. Top European venues often offer high penalties in popular sports disciplines and status events.

In addition, you can sometimes find high-value bets in the line. Professional players are attracted by the liberal policy of bookmakers concerning speculative betting strategies. For “plugging” in several offices, they do not cut the maximum betting limits, and even more so – they do not block the account.

As for the fulfillment of financial guarantees to users, reputable bookmakers usually do not delay payments and transfer winnings in full. An exception may be the first withdrawal request, before which the bookmaker requests the user’s personal data. If we mention young betting companies without a respected “name,” here betters should be aware of all the risks associated with betting on such illegal sites.